*ArdCeltic Art Competition Pictures

Above Photos by Mark Lehner (Hoofclix) Full Gallop Farm
August 2010 Horse Trial - 1st Place Open Prelim

Above Photos by Mark Lehner (Hoofclix) Chatt Hills October
2nd Place Prelim Rider

Above Pictures September 2009 Poplar Place Horse Trial
Open Prelim. 2nd in division of 17
Pictures by David Mullinix

Poplar Place November 2009 Schooling Show - Intermediate CT
Photo by David Mullinix

Click here for Pine Top Prelim. Nov. 2008; Mark Lehner Photography

Below Photos - First Prelim - 09/08

2008 Training Level at FENCE
Photos by Mark Lehner

Pine Top Dressage - 2008
Mark Lehner Photography

Below photo from Pine Top Spring 2008 Horse Trial where Art scored a 21.6 in dressage

Above photos Mark Lehner, Hoofclix Photography

Art at home

American Connemara Pony Scoiety Inspections
Spring, 2008
Ozark, Alabama

Following pictures were taken by Megan Harris during Art's inspection.

Here is a link to Art's Training run at FENCE in Tryon, NC on March 22, 23, 2008
Hoofclix.com and Mark Lehner website

Pictures of Art at FENCE - Open Training