2010 Foals by ArdCeltic Art

2010 foals are all on the ground. 7 colts and 5 fillies.
Three purebreds.

Tierney, Partbred colt
Out of Hannah, a 15.3 TB mare
Owned and Bred by Michaela and Meghan Hough
Photos by Meghan and Michaela HoughTierney at 4 months

Below photos by Meghan and Michaela before Tierney shed out

Redbud's Titania, Purebred filly out of Glenormiston Amelia
Owned and bred by Lisa and Max Gerdes
All Photos by Lisa Martin-Gerdes
New Photos at 4 months

Purebred colt out of Brambleridge Cinder Ella
Owned and bred by Kristine Sklenak
Photos by Kristine Sklenak

Hidden Creek's Celtic Mark
Partbred colt out of StarMark by Hallmark
Colt owned and bred by Fay Bohlayer and Hiddencreek Horses

Partbred Filly out of Delite (her second Art foal)
Owned and bred by Phoebe and Brooke Drury
Photos by Phoebe Drury

Partbred filly Nala, out of Wycked's Fine Chyna (New Forrest)
Owned and bred by Tawn Edwards

Video of Chyna's filly (New Forest/Connemara cross)

26 days old

Purebred Colt out of Dr. Jill McNicol's mare
Tre Awain Cashela Bay
colt owned by Deb Clinch
All Photos by Jill McNicol

Raja's Dawn and Awley
Both owned and by Sydney Conley Elliott